No! Hair extensions are mainstream – thousands of women wear them to cheat their way to thicker hair. No one knows because once applied Racoon hair extensions are virtually invisible. You can go for full-on fab, luxe length, wild and wavy, luscious layers or maybe something subtle. Steal the styles of A list celebrities only with Racoon hair extensions.

Only Racoon have been scientifically tested to prove that their hair extensions do not damage your client’s hair – provided that the hair extensions are applied by a Racoon trained and certified expert and the aftercare and maintenance are strictly adhered to.

No, because the hair you buy when you have Racoon hair extensions is great value, simply because it can be used again and again when you go to your Racoon appointed salon to have your extensions checked and rotated. With great salon care, Racoon extensions will last as long as you wish to wear them.

Absolutely not! Racoon hair extensions use a gentle translucent bond to apply the extensions. The bond is unique to Racoon, specially formulated to work on hair and is scientifically proven not to damage your hair.

No! Racoon hair extensions are the finest quality you can buy, available only at Racoon appointed salons and applied by a fully trained Racoon certified extensionist. Ethical sourcing is totally traceable and guaranteed.

Absolutely not! Keratin is formed from essential amino acids and is found naturally in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns and teeth. When added to a bonding substance the keratin is unable to interact with the hair as both the hair and keratin are inert.


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